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Zillow Takes Over The World!

Monday, July 28th, 2014

To some the most alarming event is on the horizon now – it is official that Zillow IS buying Trulia.  Some think they are going to take over the industry.  I don’t.

 I don’t think they are “going to do” much of anything.  They have already DONE it.  They just absorbed their only major competitor.  They now have the bulk of real estate web traffic.  This is not something that is “going to happen”.

 Zillow did not marginalize  You can thank the apathetic, always looking backwards, and only covering their own ass dunderheads that run the National Association of Realtors (and the blind bats that run MOVE) for that.  The meaningful things that COULD still be done – like shutting down List Hub completely and turning off ALL syndication – so would be the only game in town (like the Canadian version – and there is no Zillow in Canada!) will never make it past the, “We could never that” stage.  Translate: we will bury our heads in the sand until we are completely gone.  And the executives at MOVE (the company that runs or anyone at NAR give a hoot about what is best for working Realtors.

 So Zillow eats their lunch, along with everybody else’s lunch too.  So what is this going to change now?  What is going to be different?  Does anyone really think that this is going to change something for Realtors?  Or for anyone else?  Will Zillow now REALLY raise their prices?  Or give even worse Zestimates? 

 Their two choices would seem to be: 1) keep the Trulia brand as a separate brand and just own and run it too.  Or 2) shut it down and give all the traffic to Zillow.  I believe they will choose option 1 – because that is the pattern of successful large companies (examples; General Foods, General Electric) but it won’t matter to anyone else which option they choose. is not and has not been “the Realtor’s friend” in any way, shape or form.  So there is nothing here for agents to win or lose. There is no “service” that provides the public or agents that can’t be better by someone else.

 Anyone who thinks or promotes the nonsense idea that Zillow plans on replacing all Realtors just can’t think very clearly.  They will not become a brokerage for the simple reason that it isn’t all that profitable to become a brokerage.  And if they “replaced Realtors” (if such an idiotic thing could be done) then they would become their own only customer.

 Unless you own stock in MOVE I don’t believe anyone reading this has a damn thing to worry about.