The 100 Days Trick

100 Days Trick 

I have seen the future and it is a lot like the past, only longer.  There is a "trick" that time plays on people.  For most working Realtors the trick that time plays is about 100 days.

In this business, it takes about 100 days from the time you do the things that matter until you get paid.  What you did or didn’t do (Dollar Productive Activities) in March will determine how much income you receive in June.  This lag in time contributes to many agents failure to realize that they personally control their income.  But there is a time lag.  This isn’t to suggest that if you were hit by some natural disaster that you won’t be effected – you will.  I have a Realtor friend in Biloxi, Mississippi whose entire office was physically under water after Katrina hit.  That can kind of wreck your day.  Another friend of mine, a top ERA agent, who woke up to find that every open escrow and every listing she had was just gone or under water.  No surprise, those escrows didn’t close.  I am not suggesting that these things don’t matter or can’t cause quite an effect, at least a temporary one.  But those agents – both winners – bounced back.

Over the years, sometimes you catch a buyer at just the right time or happen across a seller who wants to list immediately and as luck would have it, you wind up with an escrow in just a few weeks from the time you first made contact.  Because it is so easy to to remember when you connected with them it is common for an agent to wind up with a very false picture regarding how long it takes to get business and get paid.  It is very seldom just a few weeks.  Very rare, indeed.  It is usually about 80 to 110 days – about 100 days.  Don’t depend on luck.  If you were to actually do the things this month that really matter (not the pointless, silly and non-productive actions that are so "important") like working directly on Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Listing Appointments – your income this next September could be your highest ever.

I swear this isn’t some trick I’m trying to play on you.