Things You Need To Know Part 1

The fact that someone is wealthy does not establish that they can teach you how to become wealthy. There are numerous people who are very wealthy, who are still blithering idiots.

Anyone, claiming they can make you into a millionaire or a multimillionaire is trying to sell you something that you probably don’t need to buy (like their fantastic coaching program).

Any coaching program that won’t let you quit but insists on you paying for at least one full year of their fantastic coaching even if it’s not working for you or you don’t like it is a fraud. Do not sign any contract with them ever.

Any coaching program or success program that is dependent upon the one fantastic person who just knows everything and should be looked up to can be safely ignored.

All real success is based on sound principles that are readily available, free or at a very low cost, to everyone. People claiming to have fantastic new secrets that they’ll share with you in their coaching program (once you sign a contract) are self-important, self-serving people selling snake oil.

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